Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Twightes

First let us introduce ourselves. We are HorchyA and Horchy B and we have been best friends since 1996. We have been through many things in our friendship, but we always knew that we were here for each other. Due to the fact that we now live in different countries, is hard for us to talk to each other that frequently, in one of last year conversations, we both talked about a book that was going to become a movie that we were both interested in.... and so the obsession began.

After revising for many hours the internet and founding absolutely nothing that two "grown up college students and hard working women" could purchased in order to profess their obsession over a franchise that is certainly targeted for a much more innocent and naive audience, and after only finding very few but interesting and entertaining blogs for obsessed people over21 we decided to add ourselves to the silent campaign of making our beloved Twilight Saga something we can feel proud of following and not a guilty pleasure that has to be hidden in our offices drawers and under our pillows.

This blog is for you to release all the anxiety you have build-up after 8 hours of work or classes without reading the books, watching the movie or listening to the soundtrack. We want to share with you our obsession, and we would be overly excited (just like Alice gets when doing makeovers on Bella) to get to know you and how these books and movies have shake your life.

until next time,

Horchy A and Horchy B

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