Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 things I like about the new NM trailer

The new trailer hit the web this weekend, and I feel very sorry for all of you who had to pay $10.00 to go see Bandslam and the trailer...I hope the torture was worth it. The clip is very good. It gives us, fans, a very deep insight of the movie and some key scenes. Out of the 1 min and 43 sec, I have 5 moments that I particularly enjoy the most, and I want to share them with you.
1. Kstew finally smiling.
Now, it's not that I had ever doubt of the acting abilities of Ms. Stewart, but she smiles (or shows any other kind of emotion) so rarely that on 00:30 it reminds me of the Adam's Family Movie, when Wednesday is saying goodbye to the nerd kid she likes in the summer camp, and she smiles that diabolical smile for the first time...yeah...creepy...but at least it looks like Kstew is finally developing Bella's character and getting closer to our beloved Bella of the books.
2. Taycob's creepy long neck
I can't give myself credit for noticing this. As I was reading MTV's analysis of the trailer and the fans comments, someone pointed out that on 00:38, Taycob's neck, although not visible, looks impossibly long. It actually looks very funny and I just wonder, how the heck does that happen?
3. "He's thirty lbs...bigger"
I simply adore Taycob. He is the most hard-working, excited cast member and I love the smile on his face when he acknowledge the 30 lbs he had put on on his to young body. I still think the poor kid is deforming his body way too soon, but nobody can deny he looks as hot as the 108 F Wolfy character he plays in the movies. Go Team Taycob!!!
4. Dakota as Jane
Certainly scary. Dakota was the perfect choice for Jane, and the 5 seconds she is on screen in this video proves it. "A picture is worth a thousand words".
5. RPattz's face of torture
Not that I like seeing the tortured, agonized face of the sexiest man on Earth (even after finally recognizing he is doing more than business with a girl that has a black ugly thing in her head), but I believe Chris (in comparison with Coo-Coo Hardwick) made the right decision of giving our adored RPattz free will for doing his thing. He is finally proving the amazing actor he is, and the world will now be allowed to see him.
What are YOUR favorite 5 things of this new trailer?? Do you agree, disagree, or simply can't decide on only 5 things?

Horchy B

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Twightes

First let us introduce ourselves. We are HorchyA and Horchy B and we have been best friends since 1996. We have been through many things in our friendship, but we always knew that we were here for each other. Due to the fact that we now live in different countries, is hard for us to talk to each other that frequently, in one of last year conversations, we both talked about a book that was going to become a movie that we were both interested in.... and so the obsession began.

After revising for many hours the internet and founding absolutely nothing that two "grown up college students and hard working women" could purchased in order to profess their obsession over a franchise that is certainly targeted for a much more innocent and naive audience, and after only finding very few but interesting and entertaining blogs for obsessed people over21 we decided to add ourselves to the silent campaign of making our beloved Twilight Saga something we can feel proud of following and not a guilty pleasure that has to be hidden in our offices drawers and under our pillows.

This blog is for you to release all the anxiety you have build-up after 8 hours of work or classes without reading the books, watching the movie or listening to the soundtrack. We want to share with you our obsession, and we would be overly excited (just like Alice gets when doing makeovers on Bella) to get to know you and how these books and movies have shake your life.

until next time,

Horchy A and Horchy B